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sparkling moments

 sparkling sweet album//graduation day! Saya lulus !

  sparkling sweet album// super bowl+ing time ! Cheers~

left: zach
with mr radzi
sangat sweet. cheer together with sanden aircond group. Zach now become a pilot. Awesome. Plus his handsome jenuh akak dang nak kepong, hihi and mr reza, dah ke peps-Jv.  Selamat naik flight pergi sana sini, left me here alone. Apa sajalah. I tak kisah. hahaha. bye~~

sparkling sweet album// take my heart.....away !

 i miss you, i miss sunset. 

 sparkling sweet album// you city

 hahaha, this is also known as pre-celebrating new year. 2 kali tau i celebrate new year tahun ni. Awesome and sangat awesome. Serius~~

 sparkling sweet album// fat mission

taken during 4th year semester 2. While reviewing the notes, here comes a plan, why dont we go for dinner! So discussing between us dragging 4th of us to hai tien restaurant located at small town in kuala perlis. Nampak macam lusuh sangat kedai ni, but this small restaurant also got its own signature! Great, very great! affordable price with super awesome taste, and what most important is, satay sangat enak! see ya again ~~

 sparkling sweet album// million little things

shamila, my great friend since 1st day i met her !

with this 2 spastic colon friends, we are enjoy our dinner at delicious pizza restaurant. Followed by sweet night walk at the park nearby . Actually they are planning to celebrate my 23rd birthday, but as usual there will be no supprise cause i am the one who can drive them to anywhere they want to ! See? Memang tak seprais langsung la. But now, after we finish our degree, it seems so hard for us to seat for dinner. i miss the moment. I miss my best buddy, shamila !

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