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10 things i ♥

 10 things I love// dreamy little home !

After seeing all those pics, i inspired in planning very beautiful and sweet little home, i guess! For me, this is long term project but i don really mind as long as i still can make this great dream come true.

So without further ado, this is the 10 things i love most.....

above is the living room. it is preety simple right. I just so very in love with that. and may i consider the second pic as a garden? It doesnt matter that much as long as I know how to appreciate it. 

 fresh flowers all over my house. love the color, the smell ! it can bring the fresh looking living room for my dream house.

 Seperate from the closet, here it is. i don care enough even my bedroom is quite small , but for me the important is , it should be fill with full of love, A LOT! i am dreaming of  having pretty full length curtain with bright color too.
since i am in love with this cute kitty, why not i reserve this for my kids. 
the beautiful window. I need wisdom . i totally want one !

sweet balcony, where i can have sweet and awesome evening, day and also night time to spend together with my love.  i adore this so much !
not to forget, LOVE ! just .... appreciate your loved one. 

10 things I love// shoes edition !

There is no secret that I LOVE shoes so much !So today there are 10 things I love about....shoes edition. And I hope you enjoy it. Obviously, I love little window shopping. Kalau nak keluar duit, budget kurang. The first pair in my currently list is crocs skimmer. I love the color, i love the pretty bow on top of it very very much.

I love brown and i love sandal. Much more I love because this second pair is made by timberland. I adore it !

This simple green sandal is handmade sandal . it is simple and look dangerously awesome! i love sandal and i love simple.
This  iPANEMA Gisele Bundchen Ladies is straight from my dreams. exotic !

I need to replace my KATANA, dah broke gila rasanya. 

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